Alien Boxer Bust - Quick Concept test

I’ve been testing with a “quick” way to do character concepts that go beyond a single pose/render, so with this one I tried to do a little animation test as well with as little work as possible. The rig is just a 3 bone chain, plus a couple of shape keys for simple expressions.

The final animation:

The process is pretty much the same as the one used for a production character but the idea is to have everything done as fast as possible: Sculpt main shapes - Remesh + manual topology fixes - Multires sculpt to add detail - UV Unwrapping (semi-automatic) - Texturing - Rig + animation - Render.
Being able to stay in Blender for 90% of the process (Texturing was done in Substance Painter) definitely helps speed up things :nerd_face:

It’s obviously not meant to be the final model, and it’s definitely not meant for production but as a quick character concept I think it works pretty well, the whole process took about 8 hours.

Here’s some more shots with different lighting: