Alien Cat

Years ago I created an ilustration of an Alien Cat driving a cardboard ship and then i decided to translate it to a 3D model, riggin it and animate it.

I use the riggify addon but It took me weeks to figure it out how to rig the antenas.

The fur was another tricky part because when i tried to combed it alwas got me awful results.



I love it, especially when he zaps the butterfly, for me it could have ended there! Well done with the rigging and animation, really cute.

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Multilol, it’s wonderful, you should work for Pixar! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Great concept and translation to 3D :slight_smile:

My only comments would be the ‘weight’ of the animation. It often feels a bit ‘floaty’, especially with the jumps, as if the cat has no real weight.
But great idea and rig btw!


Very cool modeling and animation, I love it!

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That looked like a lot of work, just awesome.

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