Alien Donuts ad

This is a little advertisement i made.

Any ways i could improve it?
Also, how do i fix the sharp edges caused by the volume?

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Here’s what I’d recommend:

Make the donut thicker, and scale your torus in so the hole isn’t quite as large. Make it look fluffy and tasty. Right now, it looks like it’s sat in the fryer a little too long.

Knock the brightness of your scene lights up a couple notches. It’s way too dark.

I’m thinking that sharp line running along the outmost edge of your torus is there because you didn’t smooth the geometry, or the edge is sticking too far out, and needs to be scaled back in place.

Bevel the edges of your cylinder a tiny bit. Round it out just a tad. Perfectly sharp edges never look good. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to subsurf it afterwards, or replace it with a cylinder with more sides. Make it smooth.

It’s way too dark. You might want to try spell check “thias”. The plate should be a glossy white not silver and needs more depth and to have a smoother edge. Finally what’s “alien” about your donuts? They could be in the shape of an alien head, or maybe have green frosting, or antennae or served on a flying saucer. Or you could have then delivered in a paper bag by a guy coming across the Rio Grande. Then they could be illegal alien donuts. Or maybe a bunch of eyeballs on them.

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How is this?

I added some alien heads, and green light, as if it came from a saucer.
The reason the donuts are ‘alien’ is because they taste so good that people think the
donuts are from another planet. :slightly_smiling_face:
I replaced the stand with a plate too.

The alien heads are good, and your plate does look better, but, personal opinion, your lighting is still too weird, and your icing is kinda gross looking.

Remember, you’re trying to convince people to eat your donut, so you want to make it look tasty. I mocked up your scene right quick. First, I just threw a glossy shader on the plate, and toned down the reflection a bit, making it look like rough metal. Then threw in some area lights into the mix in a basic three point setup, one yellowish-white placed just above and behind it at an angle, and one purple and blue one set a little farther back for SPACE EFFECT! I also made the donut look more cakey, and used a more desaturated green and toned down the noise texture for the icing so that it just adds some surface variation without looking too much like dried gak.

Some improvements:

I tried some different lighting again, and made the donut very glossy as if there is a coating on it. :yum:

That looks a helluva lot better.

Though your lighting is still too dim. You gotta try to find that happy medium between striking the mood you’re going for, while giving it enough brightness and clarity to make it pop out and look good.

Raise the strength of your lights a bit, and try to err your colors a little more towards white. You don’t have to go straight up pastel like I did in my attempt, but it still needs to look well lit.

A little brighter, and they icing is whiter.
Here’s the blend file if you want to see it:
donutshow.blend (241.2 KB)
Open it with 2.79.

Check mine out. See if there’s anything there you want to copy.

Doughnut_Test.blend (1.1 MB)

Looks a much better. One last thing. I think that there is too much green. I don’t know if I would do the frosting and the text in green. You might consider changing the color of the text and the size of the first line to add a little emphasis.

one last hing. Instead of “Buy some today.” you might try. " Flavor that’s out of this world" or “Out of this world Flavor” or “A treat that’s out of this world”