Alien Dreams - the ever evolving thread.

Hi guys,

I´m for some strange reason in total-alien mode this weekend and
have decided to make a whole series of “alien” pictures from my mind.

There is however a starting dilema, the problem is - I really can´t make up
my mind on what color theme to go with…which one of the above images
seem like something you´d like better than the other…


if you kind of like both colorthemes…do you think they fit together
so I could make a series with different color theme…even though the
series of alien images would be “a-series”?

That’s nice ! Did you make it with particle?
I think the first color theme is the best. I’m impatient to see your final image.

I like the totally blue one, it looks more like space. This render looks like a glowing bird’s nest. How did you get it like that? Nice job.

Wow, very nice. the first one does look the best in my opinion, but it would probably look good still if you used both. looking forward to more stuff.

The first one, blue on blue is more moody.

First off, that is one gorgeous render, whichever color scheme you go with. I wish I was that good. shakes fist Some day! :x

Now to your question; the better color scheme? Well, frankly I like both of them. It’s really tough to choose.

Eenie meenie miny moe, perhaps?

Thanks for the help guys. :smiley:

I think I´d go with the blue too - but you´re mostly all right…it´s kind
of “Eenie meenie…”.

Ok, I´ll post new images as they progress (no - this is not a w.i.p thread
per say…because each picture in this thread will be finished, individual
scenes etc.)

Expect the first post to expand with more images as they appear, I think
thats more practical rather than having the users read the whole thread
to search for images.

…wonder why I´m so “spooky-alien-moody” this weekend…oh well
it´s a welcome change from all my cutie-cuddly-gazillion-posts…

end rambling

mmmm … purry - furry … got itchy fingers …

Another image… :slight_smile:

super :o

How did you make this?
How long did it take you?

The first one (blue one) is better.
The one with the blue and the orange doesn’t mix. The two colours clash, after all they are opposite each other on the colour spectrum.

thanks guys,

about 3 hours for the ufo-pic. Mostly wasted on render-experiments
re-rendering particles, volume lights, mist, light colors etc… again and
again (man…I really really need a faster computer).

fun though :wink:

cool shots, especially the last one. Reminds me of crop circles (the real story! - if only those pesky aliens would leave our agriculture alone! :wink: )