Alien facial anim test

Just an alien head I accidentally modelled.

(Yes, accidentally. I was working on another model, and decided to redo the nose, and when I removed it, it looked like some kind of alien. So i glued the hole shut and went from there… :wink: )

I’m not quite done with the shapes yet, but I decided to whip together a little anim to see what I had so far. It also has a (tiny) armature, with a single bone for the jaw.

Click for movie (300 KB DivX):

Feedback welcome. :slight_smile:

Looks really really good !

As for the animation it looks like the eyelids don’t close completely on the sides, it could be me hallucinating again though, plus, it’s an alien so it’s gotta be a bit fictional ^^

Keep up the good work!

The animation is great! How did you rig it? I want to rig my fish similarly.

The rig (if it can be called that) is terribly simple; An armature with two bones, head + jaw, and some careful weigh-painting;

In addition, I have modelled a number of shapes (formerly known as RVKs); “Pucker”, “Frown”, “Blink”, “Smile” and “Sneer”, which the animation plays one by one. Well, twice, once with the mouth closed and once with it open.

I have usually made all facial movement as RVKs (with mouth shapes for “Aah”, “Ooh”, “Eeek”, etc.), but I think I’m beginning to like the hybrid method more. At some point, I might even stick some bones into the eyebrows, and maybe the eyelids, too. We’ll see… :slight_smile:


How do you parent them so that only the red area moves? and also how do you paint too blue or to red, (either adding weight or removing I think its called) I get stuck either only adding or only subtracting and I don’t know how to switch from both on the fly).

While you’re weight-painting, some new options appear in the Edit panel (F9). From there you can select weight (red/blue), opacity and various paint modes. You can also do it while editing by simply selecting the vertices and clicking Assign or Remove in the Edit panel (after selecting the vertex group in the pulldown).

It’s a tedious job for the most part, but it’s damn necessary to do it right. :expressionless:

HOw do you assing the bone to just move the red area? I am having trouble with the parenting. its says Parent to: object, bone, or armature. And if you choose armature it has all of these clear vertexs options. Not sure what to choose.

“Create from closest bones”. That will make the vertex groups you’ll need, one group for each bone. The groups will most likely be weighted incorrectly, though, so you’ll have to re-paint things for them to work properly. Put short; The more red in a group, the more it will be affected by the bone with the same name.

So if your doing an total armature, you add all of the bones at one time, and than weight paint it once?