Alien feller, bake testing in progress.

Ok been a while since I posted work on here.
Am working on this figure for some anim experiments.

And here’s a wire render:

I haven’t done any materials yet…

I’m trying to keep the poly count acceptable (around 3000 now)… once this feller is done I’ll do a very high poly one to bake into this guy.

If anyone has ideas… I’d love to hear em…

Very clean lines, This is how I want my models to look! nice job no crits here.

Definately very clean, and looks nice and alien like.
Where will this character be from? He looks like he’d be from a desert somewhere to me, but I’d be interested to know.

The legs are a bit short… especially the lowers ones. But hey he’s an alien! Other than that, great work :smiley: YEah desert kinda alien :stuck_out_tongue: or maybe some toxic gass landscape. That will make you use the mist function :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks guys.

Yes the legs are short… but that was a choice… I actually started building this guy from a low poly human I made a while back… and I purposely lengthened the arms and shortened the legs. And they look extra short cause of the long coat.

I have no idea where this guy is from… I’m going to do a few more weirdos and put them together in an odd landscape.

The thing I’m really not happy with is the upper arms.

Little update:

Adding some materials… changed the shape of the boots and added bands around the forearms.

it remids me of one of my oun Blurrs (pictures)

Oh great. With the color it makes me think more of a “desert alien” than of a “toxic land alien” :wink:
Very nice character.

Another update:

I’m working on the high poly version to bake into the low poly one now… here’s two test renders with only a few parts as high poly.

I’m not quite happy with the legs n tail but the head I like.
I don’t know if this is the styling I’ll actually use but I think I’ll at least continue for baking testing.

this guy is really coming along great. neat style and very clean model! the color scheme is shaping up great as well, assuming some alien desert is similar to ours? :wink:

the upper arms seem ok to me, it is wearing some sort of a tunic, isnt it? so should it really be tight clothing down the arms anyway?

cant wait to see more!

two more here:

This is a very high poly experiment… over 200.000 verts

And here’s the baked 3400 vert version with some odd lighting…
Only a single shadow casting sun (n two non shadow suns) and no ao.

I’m not really really happy with the result, but I do know what I want now so I can start all over this weekend woopee… hehe

tho one thing i see is that dark line on the bottem right of the coat.