Alien Head Sculpture

I’ve been working on this alien for a couple of hours now and its my first sculpture and its turning out to be just a bunch of experimentations. I am now having trouble getting the tendrils at the front of the mouth separated from the rest of it. I want the mouth completely hollowed out.

It is telling me that I cannot delete the faces in edit mode because of the multires i have set up, but I need that for future adding of details. Is there any way around this?

the best way is to start by modeling the low poly base mesh with mouth open

So you think I should just get rid of everything and model everything seperately? How would I connect it to the lower face?

No, not seperately, just next time you make a model that requires an inner mouth, make the low poly base mesh reflect that, so that you won’t be stuck trying to carve out a trench for the mouth in sculpt mode with a limited number of polys. but keep it one piece, except for maybe the teeth.