Alien invader

Hi all
I’m a newbie in blender. I’ve been for a time studing the manuals and tutorials and I’m now finishing my first work.

I’d like to know your opinion about it

Very nice design mate, keept it up!

:o that’s fantastic so far, especially for someone who’s new to Blender! As h4x said, keep it up!

From Daniel

cool, hehe, it looks like a monster straight out of Doctor Who! :stuck_out_tongue:

lets see more looking good.

I think I went to school with her!

Thats uhh pretty good, and it doesn’t look like your a newbie, I consider myself a newb. But thats a pretty good alien, I couldn’t do that.

hmmmm… a throat hole… interesting… now kiddies, thats what years of smoking will do. Is that what you want to look like when you get older… Now is smoking cool?!?

heh… :wink:

Cool alien

opinador I think you’ve got some talent. That alien is really alienish.

Thank you guys :smiley:

Now this is an smoking alien
You can see it full size at

Now this is an smoking alien

Just one question is it easily animatable? if it is it is truly amazing

I didn’t pay attention to that subject, so I don’t think it would be easy.
Anyway, what would you animate in this character?

Updated. Yo can see the new image upwards in this thread

good style, maybe better lighting(for better atmosphere, maybe global ilumination), some textures require improve(metals). I like see another alien scene :slight_smile: .

I actually liked the first version better, what’s with the misty patch? I like the staff though :slight_smile: will you be modeling a body for him?

From Daniel

The misty thing is supposed to be his breath trough the nose. Maybe I’ll lok to do it softer.

No, I think I won’t do a body for him. I want to change the subject.