Alien Invasion Game

Well I am finally revealing my game, I am honestly not too far along with it, but here is the main character and the terrain design. I also have the basic story:

The planet _______ has received an SOS message from an enemy battleship, and seeing that it was falling apart responded that they could land and repair their ship. But when the communications and orbital defense systems are knocked out, there is only one thing that could be happening- invasion. The planet _______ throws together a quick fleet and sends them to intercept the battleship, but your planet was poorly equipped for an invasion by an enemy battleship (even as damaged as it seems to be). your fleet is swept aside in their attempt to save the planet. The battleship lands and destroys the capital city. You wake up in the religious city a distance away from the capital being revived by the cities many shaman, and, when you wake fully you see yourself inscribed in many green glowing tattoos. The religious people are surprised you and them are still alive. Your goal is to involve yourself with one (or more) of the 3 factions (religious, alien, or rebel groups) to determine why the aliens invaded by improving your social status with the group (by doing tasks for the leaders and citizens of each group)

The mechanics will have a social status bar for each group (probably just the rebels and the aliens because the religious group will support you no matter your choice) and as that social bar progresses more areas for each group will open allowing you to receive more information and tasks. (I made a less in depth game like this for a school project a while back, and it turned out nicely).

The main character will have a magical spear like weapon (kind of like the Zelda hookshot) and another weapon to correspond with that weapon, and the aliens will have guns, the rebels will probably have compilation of the native weapons and stolen alien tech.

I have most of the storyline planned out, I will probably reveal more of it as I progress. Any thoughts are welcome. It is mostly in the planning and design stage right now, I will start messing around with mechanics soon too. I really need a good list of tasks for you to accomplish for both groups (both passive and aggressive, I have several ideas floating around too)


I like the idea, will keep a lookout on this thread to monitor its development.


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I’m sold on this.

Hi @fredstash
Looks fine except for the intensive fog :+1:
Are you using the fog to hide the small terrain perhaps (?) :thinking:

It will be significantly bigger as I go on, It is just hiding the fact that there is nothing beyond that canyon. This is just a small part of the game (I am building small pieces of terrain so that The LoD system will be highly effective.

Hi @fredstash

Lol, that’s what I thought :wink:

Are you going for a low-poly look with no textures or are you still working on texture_creation (?)

Well that is about the extent of my terrain texturing right there… so that is probably about what it will look like (with a bit of tweaking)

Could I please ask what is so hard as to simply UV a single texture (?)
(no offense)

This is the current texture on the ground, I do not quite understand your questions (it also has a normal map which is visible at close scrutiny)

I currently don’t have much else to show for my game, hopefully tomorrow is more fruitful.

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I admit I did not state my question very well.

TEXTURE Is usually stated as GRIME & DUST (Pieces of Reality) & not a ALBEDO COLOR map.

I still have a couple things happening, I am just a bit put off putting together the terrain texture

First one is an arms dealer
next is the invasive alien (I am hoping to have several types of them, kind of built in squads, melee, long range, commander, and communications)
The last one shows the main character and a female of his kind

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Nice character models :+1:

Are they all created / textured in Blender (?)

Yes all of the models are made and textured in blender (maybe with a bit of photoshop). Slowly but surely this is moving forward.

so the grappling hook is kind of working, it connects into the rock face and can drag you to it. But I am having a problem getting it to reset EDIT: Nevermind, the reset of the grappling hook works pretty well, now just the reset of the character. But it is 20% there.

the ladder kind of works as well, you can climb up and down it (though the system to reorient the character after using the grappling hook has broken the ladder)


Here is a demo of the grappling hook and ladder.

WASD move
LeftMouse Button grappling hook
Spacebar mount and dismount ladder

Ladder.blend (664.4 KB)

Hey @fredstash

Tried you blend file.

[ PROS ]
Grappling hook was fine (could use some tuning tho)

[ CONS ]
Textures weren’t packed :wink:
I only got the ladder to work 1 time ( maybe better collision? )

[ MISC ]
I didn’t like the inverted Y mouse-look (X mouse-look wasn’t even inverted which made it even harder to control)
:arrow_up: This is just me tho :wink:

Keep up the good work :+1:
Looking forward to more show-casing :slightly_smiling_face:

Pretty much fixed everything you mentioned, the ladder broke because of things I was doing for the grappling hook, but it is better now. I am now working on getting the character to be a part of the box.


Who hoo! Quick progress :grin: :+1:

Are you having trouble with making a collision proxy :thinking: (I could make it for you if I had the model) [ I PROMISE NOT TO RIP IT ] :wink:

Collision things are working just fine. I have been working on the first part of the game (the back story space battle)
Main Characters ship

invasive alien fighter- no Ai yet, but eventually

Turret (most complete piece- it can target 3 different ships, built for an all out war)

Enemy capital ship (damaged pretty severely by the engines- still working on the look)


Is Fred really your true name?



P.S --> Ask in PM. This is serious stuff.