Alien Landscapes with soundtrack - IMAGE ADDED at page 3

A first attempt to produce and apply sound effects to the Blender footage, all with opensource-free softwares:

I’m not so expert to the sound side, so C&C are particulary welcome and appreciated, thanks. :slight_smile:


WOW! :o

Nice work! :smiley:

I’ve completed your “Realistic Planet tutorial” and I didn’t know what to do with it when I’d finished it. Thanks for demonstrating. 8)

And the sounds were good also. They fitted the clip nicely.

Perhaps add something else to the sound of that alien ship though its a bit boring. :-?

But other than that. I love it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comment and the suggestion, redbyte; yes, actually all the spaceship sounds could be better.
96 views and only 1 comment? :-?


amazing work env - animation and especially char animation is fllowing and feels real.

Thanks, but what about sounds?



My only problem is with the sound is the sound just before the ship appears (exiting from hyperspace?); the two bang like noises. I think it has too much reverb, or maybe add more white noise to it. Just didn’t sound like something you would hear in space ( :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I’m not a sound expert either, but hopefully that will be helpful.


I am blown away by the animation work there Env :o :o :smiley: , Fantastic. The sound is maybe recorded too loud, I think also it has suffered somewhat from whatever compression has been done to it, The sound content is good, as in the sounds are right, but the quality of sounds lets the High quality of animation down.


:smiley: Brillient
i thought the sounds were fine
thought i was at cinema untill i went full screen pic went all blurry :frowning:
longer :slight_smile:

nice. no comments (yet).

Very good sound and animation. What software did u use? here are some that i use

audacity- Good for effects

Anvil Studio- Great Midi software. You’ll have to find a way toconvert it to wav though. (i usually record it with my mic from my speaker :stuck_out_tongue: )
Tureag 2- Good for action soundtracks.

Hope it helps

I just have to say… This is awesome!

My only gripe is that it isn’t longer… :slight_smile:

Thanks all for comments. :slight_smile:
GreenBoy, yes, actually you are right about the iperspace noise; but what do you mean with “white noise”?
Kencanvey, me too had the suspect that the sound was registered too loud, and no doubt it suffers for the compression. I compressed it at 96 Kh, don’t know what the right setting could be to have a good size-compression ratio keeping a little file. Any suggestion (btw this is the first time I try to compress in mpeg both video and audio, so any suggestion for a good enconding setting would be very very appreciated :smiley: )?
Headcheese, I used Audacity with a lot of free VTS plugins for producing the different sounds, then I used DDClip Free to synchronize it with the footage. Tuareg 2 seems really interesting, many thanks for the links. :slight_smile:


Hey Enrico… great stuff! I’m a big fan of your work.

Recently I had to design a bulletin board for Native American Heritage Month, but I didn’t have any funds to do it with… so I printed out that gorgeous picture you made.

Keep up the fantastic work.

Try adding a little static. Make it sound not so clear. Maybe try finding the sound of a real explosion for ideas.


Hey guys no sound in space :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice indeed.

The alien on the planet surface was superb. Looked very realistic in movements and in the textures. Just great stuff. Any chance of seeing a rendered still of that thing?


I think the level for the rumble (ship’s engine?) is about 3 dB too high. Distortion happens at 11 seconds from the beginning. Otherwise, the sound track is pretty well synchronized with the video. Good job!

Yeah, very soon a rendered still plus a tut for the landscape, if I find the time.
3 db too high, OK, thanks. Does anybody know a way to make a sound appear more loud keeping the level acceptable for no disorsion? I tried several ways but no result…


You need to compress and/or limit the sound. For this you can use a compressor and/or limiter :P. To get the overall level of all the sounds at the proper level without distortion, you need to master the audio.

If you’re using linux there are ladspa compressors and the jamin mastering system for jack.

If you’re on windows jeskola buzz has a really good compressor and limiter (bg compressor and bg limiter).

This is an awesome animation–I’d love to see the end extended.



env, sorry, sound neophyte here, loved your anim, loved the sound. I’m really sorry 'bout that…