Alien Lizard

Trying something a bit new for me, I’m working on alien reptilian creature. He’s now the to the point that he actually looks reptilian, so I figure I’d offer him up for feedback. I still need to tweak the proportions a lot; feet/toe/claw sizes are pretty much all a mess, head might be a bit small, etc. I also need to work on having a bit more of a muscle structure to it. I also think he looks too cute and harmless atm, need to work on that. No scales atm, will get to that later once I start sculpting and texturing. I’ll be posting more images as I go along.


Wireframe version:

looks good. I think he could use some kind of brow ridges around his eyes.

Started sculpting now!

You can try making a rough skeleton of a lizard then shaping his body accordingly with the skeleton to give him a more realistic structure.