Alien Obelisk

I was approached to build a prop for a short animation a friend was working on, and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to test a bunch of my 3D skills! The specifics of the design were quite wide open, so this left the whole playground to me!

Check out the whole post on Artstation!

I built a procedural marble material in Blender before I decided to move over to Substance Painter. I still think it could be used for something else someday.

The obelisk with the procedural material applied – And the final with the textures built in Substance Painter.

I had a lot of fun throughout the whole process, from designing it and trying to visualize the geometrical shapes I wanted, through the rather organic modeling process that was very satisfying, to texturing it in Substance Painter and discovering its story and why it might have the glowing symbols on it.