Alien Ship Corridor Render Feedback

Wondering if I could get some feedback for these renders I made!



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This is actually very nice. Are the lights using emission? If so u could add glare in compositing after you render. Fyi i just learned it. Im going to post my future sci fi corridor in a while.

Thank you! Yes all the lights are actually just emissive textures. I’m worried though do the lights look almost too perfect? I think some glare will help with that though.

Funny you say that, one thing which has always caught my eye with modeling (full 3d scenes or rendered images) is how perfect and clean most are, a little “grit” and imperfection seam to add a realism… I just started to model and have realized how hard that can be to achieve :slightly_smiling_face: Anyway.

@friesenfilms, i like it. Would agree about the lights, they look slightly off, the edges seam a bit to hard/sharp, glare or glow might really help them blend. It seams like your shooting for a dark scene which is cool… maybe alittle more light on the walls to help show the details of them ? But all and all i think it looks good.

looks good to me.
you could improve it.

@friesenfilms looking at your scene again made me work on a similar one. i really like it by the way. ill share with you as soon as i have something. anyways. keep the good stuff coming!