Alien: Titan Stranding

I’ve been working on a survival horror game that is somewhat of a spiritual successor to Alien: Isolation. The Xenomorph has been given some basic stalking, chasing, and attacking AI, and some appropriate animations to go along with it.

The game will have 3 levels: the main base, the derelict base, and the Titan surface level that has to be traversed between them.

There’s also going to be crafting, space craft repair, and more.

looks good

A project like this deserves more attention what are u doing to showcase your progress?


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Thank you. :slight_smile:

I’ve been Twitch streaming some level design for the game, and talking about it on Discord. I hope to be up and streaming some gameplay soon. :slight_smile:


Ooooh interesting : D Looking forward to seeing updates on this : D

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I’ve added a lot of neat interactive items in the game, there is an AI interface, an in game video game machine, and a big screen television that plays actual movies. There is even a driving level where you go from the main refinery to the derelict refinery to find out what happened to your coworkers.