Alien wip Last Outpost

(SKPjason) #1

Just wondering if anyone had any comments about an alien head mesh I’ve been working on for a project… - it is a hi-res wmv clip… about 5 megs, 30 seconds…

I’ve been rigging the face for animating… but I’m curious what you think of the basic design…

Also… I would appreciate any comments on the “look” of the caustic lighting effect I used for this scene…

Any help/comments would be appreciated…

Jason Saville/SKPjason
Auburn, New York USA Good Ol’ Earth

(BgDM) #2

Hi Jason! Nice to see you posting here again.

Can you show us a still of this alien? I am here at work and only have a 56k connection and I don’t want to tie up the server DL’ing a 5 meg movie. I can do that later at home :wink:

It would be appreciated.


(Bapsis) #3

Ditto on the still idea!!! I can suck all the bandwidth i want, but have a really old computer that has a difficult time playing large hiq vids. I tried your vid anywayz, but shoulda known… :frowning:

So yes, a still would definatly be good for sum uv us out here in Blenderland!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(Hexa-dB) #4

The lighting is awesome!

What was it rendered with?

I found it a bit hard to see the head mesh but from what I could see it looked great.

(SKPjason) #5


The anim was totally rendered with Blender 2.23 (glow and blur provided by sequence editor).

I’ll post some stills later today whn I get some time. :wink:

(BgDM) #6

Well, I got to DL this at home, (god I love my DSL connection - 105 KB/sec :wink: ).

Anyway. Excellent animation. Not much to see of the alien from this angle. It looks very good. The lighting is very impressive. The alien looks very humanish IMO though. But that might be what you are aiming for.

As always, excellent stuff.


(slikdigit) #7

more! more! more!

(Goofster) #8

DUDE! Don’t EVER say that in front of Jason again! I hope you will survive this time…but there will be a next time…

cool video, may I assume you were high as a bird when you made this? :slight_smile:


(Bapsis) #9

Hehe, hey man, its the best way to Blend!!! :wink: (at least for some uv us!!!) :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(SKPjason) #10

Goofy… OBVIOUSLY I was high as a bird… :wink:

…and yes… hmm… he better not say that again unless he wants to become a smoking sphincter ring on the carpet… :wink:

And of course I agree wholeheartedly with Bapsis… it’s the only way to Blender… I’m sure there are some former Nan’ers who would agree with this… :wink: