(john) #1

i’m making an alien that i hope to do a short animation for, the face, hands and feet need some more detail. Some crits would be great.


(john) #2

No comments, is that a good or a bad thing?

(GAT-X105) #3

Huh, well, what kinda crits are you looking for? As you said, the hands, feet and face need work. Other then that, it would come down to what level of realism you want this guy to have. If its spposed to be cartoony fine. If its meant to be more realistic, then the first thing you need to do is get another texture. Or at least try to make the green more natural looking. Less specular and everything. Other than that, i don’t really know what to say. Keep working on it.

(john) #4

I’ve done some modifications, he’s now got hands and eyes. althougth when i turn on smooth then theres somthing wrong with the arms. Has anyone else had the same problem, and does anyone know how to fix it.


(john) #5

Here he is rendered without smooth on.


(nico) #6

Good start.
You should scale the hands to the size of his face and work out elbows and knees. The arms and legs are way too thin.

(paulR) #7

Editmode -> [A] (select all) -> [ctrl] + [N] (Recalculate normals outside)

he looks funny, keep it up. =)

(john) #8

Editmode -> [A] (select all) -> [ctrl] + [N] (Recalculate normals outside)

Thanks a lot thats now fixed it.
On this one i’ve scaled up the hand and given the eyes a texture. I made the texture on photoshop, at some point i’ll use that pixar eye tutorial on the blender wiki to make it more realistic.