This is my latest project I did during this weekend :slight_smile:
Sculpt, retopology, uv unwrap done in Blender, textures in Quixel.

More renders and wireframe on my artstation

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

welcome to our planet! nice work.

Well, it was a fruitful weekend, wasn’t it? :wink:
Very good concept and sculpt. Congrats!

Nice overall shape! congrats. I think you could add more detail to the skin and work more the material because it looks kind of like metal and not skin. Cheers!

thank you guys for your comments! :slight_smile:
yeah I know, I could push it a little bit further but I wanted to close it off during one weekend. I will work on something bigger next time and I will put more time into it :slight_smile:

Yeah, it seems like a metal sculpture, but still great work.

Nice sculpt and materials! Good one :slight_smile:

This one could relay part of the game Mass Effect. Nice Alien.