Aliens Armoured Personnel Carrier

APC from second Aliens movie.
It took me way to long to finish it. Still could use some work but hopefully I’m the only one to see it :smiley:

Great work, your simplistic design is inspiring.

A very well executed and presented replica. A couple of points: make the glass look like glass, not opaque emitters, and for such a battle-scarred vehicle the tyres are in great condition. Gorgeous job on the vehicle texturing.

Damn I’m not the only one who sees it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m very happy with the comment since it’s the first hard surface model with painted textures I made. Thank you guys!

hey im making a youtube channel to show off blender and try and get more people using blender and i was wondering if i could use you creation in a slide show that im making i will give you full credits

Nice. Looks better than the one I saw in the Yafaray doc.

I didn’t see that, link me plz?
…by Gabich

Guy did a good job, it’s more accurate in term of details.