Align 3D View to custom transform orientation


Since the possibility to define a Custom Transform Orientation in Blender exists, it seems that it’s not possible to align the 3D View to one of its axes.
It’s possible to align the view to a face normal in Edit mode, but it’s quite cumbersome most of the time.

That’s the subject of my very first addon : GitHub - fdaubine/Align2Custom: Commands to align the 3D View to the custom orientations in Blender

When a Custom transform orientation is selected (active), no matter the selected mode (Edit or Object), it’s possible to align the 3D View just like the way you align the view to the global orientation :

  • Top view : ALT + NUMPAD 7
  • Bottom view : ALT + CTRL + NUMPAD 7
  • Front view : ALT + NUMPAD 1
  • Back view : ALT + CTRL + NUMPAD 1
  • Right view : ALT + NUMPAD 1
  • Left view : ALT + CTRL + NUMPAD 1

I would really appreciate feedback, to know if this feature is useful for the community (it is for me), and to gather improvement ideas.

For the future, I consider to add the possibility to align the 3D View to the axes of the 3D cursor.

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What better explanation than a small demo :slight_smile: :

Feel free to make comments or suggestions.