Align Nodes

The Align Nodes add-on allows to align and organize the nodes in any nodes editor e.g., Shader Nodes Editor, Compositing Nodes Editor, Simulation Editor, Animation Nodes Editor, Sverchok Nodes Editor.







Wow, what a useful addon! I’ve just played with it some minutes in Blender 2.91, works very nicely. Thank you very much!

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Great addon! Very happy I’ve discovered it. Thank you for making it.

I’ve been using Node Arrange that comes with Blender but it’s rather limiting. You addon covers many missing features I’ve wanted from Node Arrange.

I’m going to use your addon and will leave feadback as soon as I have some.

As of right now I would like an option to change hotkeys. The default hotkeys are ok but I would like to use something different.

Again thank for the addon. It’s very useful!

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You can do that in the keymap editor under Edit/Preferences/Keymap. Set the search field to Key-Binding and search for the binding you want to change. For example, searching for Shift E gives us an entry under Node Editor called Align Pie which looks like it belongs to this addon. You can change it from there.

Remember that Blender unfortunately doesn’t warn us about conflicts, so better search for the new binding beforehand if it’s available for the node editor context.

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You’re right. I can do that. Thank you for reminding me about it.

Still I would prefer it to be available in the addon preferences. It’s just a request. If the author can do this it would be great.


Hi. As far as the Blender Standard, all addons have their shortcut available in Keymap. However, if it is possible then I’ll try add that option in the addon preference.


Thank you for this very convenient add-on.
It should be part of the default Blender add-ons.

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Add-on version: 0.0.1
Blender version: 2.90.1

Hi. I have noticed this message in the console, right after launching Blender (default scene, just a cube):
I am trying to reproduce the error but I don’t know what triggered it (sorry).

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “E:\blender\2.90\scripts\addons\align_nodes-master\”, line 8, in poll
tree = context.space_data.node_tree
AttributeError: ‘SpaceView3D’ object has no attribute ‘node_tree’

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to fix that.