Align oblect to each other

It there a way to align object to each other? A bit like in a 2D art application where you can align the tops of all objects

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You can use the KlopUtils 3 script in the Wizards menu.


Tried that - couldn’t get it to work - thanks

Then you can snap the Object Center of the object to be moved to a vert on the surface that will allign with the stationary object. Then snap your 3D Cursor to a vert on the stationary object (alligned surface) and snap the first object to the 3D Cursor. Recenter the Object Center.


bottom line is there are no align/distribute tools like in 2d vector pagages

moving object centres to the edge you want to align then using the shift + s options is what you’ve got.

for multiple instances of the same object you can use the array modifier or dupliverts

Thanks for those inputs - I’ve also found I can pressed [N] and aligned object through that toolbox.

Question - well two actually

  1. How do you re-center the centre of an object (hope that makes sense - but sometimes I get the center off center to the object)

  2. I’ve had a couple of cases where a number of objects link together so If I select one - I select them all! How can I break this link?


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  1. F9 buttons, Center or Center New.

  2. P >> Seperate All Loose Parts. In future Add new Objects in Object mode; in Edit mode you’re just adding a Cube or whatever to the existing Mesh.


Greate! Thanks for that