align several mobjext to axis

i did the search but did not find the post with answers

if you are in top view with several objexts at differents locations on plnae

how do you bring all of them back to a specific axis or object in Y or X
i know how to bring the object to center of an another object but that is not the one i want


Here’s how I do it. It only works nicely if you aren’t using any other constraints and for the global axes; there’s probably a better way. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Select one of the objects you want want to bring back/align/etc.
  2. Add a copy location constraint, tweaking the axes as you like. Use an empty as your target if you don’t already have one.
  3. Select the other objects, then the one you added the constraint to and copy the constraint (Ctrl-C).
  4. Visual Transform to Objects Loc/Scale/Rot (Ctrl-A, 2)
  5. Select one object, delete the constraint.
  6. Copy the deletion to the other objects.

If you want them all to align to view, select all the objects and press Ctrl-Alt-A and choose View.