Aliyah the Starmaker

Here is something more with a winter/christmas feeling :wink:

Concept by Taylor Smith:

I love the lighting and mood, really well done:)

I really like when the 3d looks how a illustration!

Thanks! Thats what I’m aiming for :wink:

Stopped by Taylor Smith’s page to see the original concept and I must say your interpretation is pretty close to it (see…

Perhaps some improvements would to make the jacket’s texture a little more bumpy, the bottom fluff could need some more work (make it more perky), )and perhaps apply some artistic post-processing effect in Photoshop to make it look even more like an illustration… my 2 cents :wink:

Really nice, so is it using textures or did you do a paint over afterwards?

I painted the character in blender and rendered her in cycles.
Then I did a composition of the render with some seperately rendered lights and renderlayers in photoshop and painted the background, the snow and the glow of the star :wink:

Very nice, I love Texture Painting in Blender.

Excellent Work!

very well done, i too like the painterly touch.

Beautiful… :slight_smile:

I love it!

feels warm despite the weather.

Nice work man !

Love the Illustration feel of it

that look really Good , love the lighting mood and quiet mood too

Love it! Composition, mood, lighting, colors, everything about it feels warm and touching. She kind of reminds me of a Christmas ornament.