all animation behaving like same

hey guyz, i made a low poly model in blender 2.77a after animating it with animations i noticed that all animation i made for it are behaving same doesn’t matter which animation i record for it it just use its hammer for construction it happens with me 4 time in this week all animations get wiped some how and replace just with one random animation in action editor i doono wats wrong please help… in this attached file i made 2 seprate animation one with construction and one mining but both got replaced just with construction animation doono how havn’t touched both animation since i made those i was just editing mesh abit in edit mode thn suddenly when i went back into pose mode it mining animation was no longer their in both selections only construction was working ( i don’t have much xp in blender btw m kinda new just few months since i started learning blender) thnx in advance :slight_smile:


WorkerHumanAnimatedNew Construction.blend (716 KB)

I see both animations if viewed from the dope sheet switched to action editor. :slight_smile:


both are just name but all bones rotation positions are same in them in mining ore it hit ground with pickaxe but in making buildings it use hammer side and hit in middle (iknow both are lame animations but it also happens with mine few other models :/) bro can u see that mesh hiting ground with his pickaxe…?

Sure they could be tidied up a bit, but you have to start somewhere. Keep practicing. Observe how people move in every day life.
As for the animations. They aren’t the same if that’s what you mean. The “construction” version doesn’t move all the way to the ground. While the “mining” version does. :slight_smile:

Put in some pole targets for the legs and arms to get more control over them. It might be better to either separate the pick-axe from the ik chain on the arm, or turn off inherit rotation for it’s bone.

Huge Thnx :slight_smile: