All forms of selection stopped working, just for my file

I was working in 2.8, left clicks and a/aa worked fine. But at some point after coming back from computer in sleep, the left click just did not work. Nothing ever get’s selected unless I select it inside outline- which it still does not actually ‘select’ the object. If I select it through the outliner, all I can do is enter the object into edit mode- can’t press any gizmo buttons, g/r/s keys do nothing.

Here is my full file. I did not pack the 1 image actually used- which was just a placeholder anyways, so not really important.

You need to enable this:
That disables viewport selection for objects inside that collection.

Thank you -_- I barely play in the Outliner (as you can see by lack of naming and everything being mainly in 1 poorly named collection), and did not notice that at some point that got clicked.