All kinda car projects!

Hey all, here I will post progress of my current project I am working on.
An Opel Speedster with a wide bodykit based on the TRA Kyoto bodykits (rocketbunny).
I have been working on this project for about three weeks now, and its the first time doing stuff in the cycles rendering system. Which I recently looked in to, and so far I’m loving it!

The body still needs the final details and tweaks, interior is still non-existing

This is it for now, thank you for looking! :smiley:

Really nice work! Those tires look amazing.

It’s gorgeous.

Thanks guys! The tire material is also my personal favorite materials so far.
I started doing headlights with the angel eye look, It’s starting to look like something… but still need some work I think :slight_smile:

I also started on the parking lot scene, this is just a test render! It is really grainy right now , i think because the only thing giving light right now are the boxes with a emission material on it. Is the only way to get rid of the grain by upping the samples? Or is there another trick I could use to lighten the place up?

Thanks for watching!

Small update, added rivets to the fenders and some small tweaks!

Thanks for watching!

i’ll be watching this, the materials look top notch. i would like to know how you did the brake discs and tire materials, if you don’t mind, that is

a speedser with widebody, interesting :slight_smile: solid work!

Thanks guys! I haven’t been working on the Opel lately, so much things I wanted to add it got a bit overwhelming :spin:

Started another car during the last few weeks, a bmw e36 4door sedan.
Learning a bunch with this, headlight/taillight shaders.
Slowly getting a start on the interior, will show screenshots later!

great cars and great materials!