All MakeHuman Forums Moved to Home Site

All MakeHuman forums have been moved to

Consequently, at the time of this writing, all other MakeHuman forums have been shut down.

With these changes, customers will have only one place they need to go to ask questions or make comments or suggestions, and we will have, essentially, only one site to actively maintain for information purposes. The bug tracker and file downloads will remain with SourceForge.

Again, these changes are to help old, current, new and prospective users of MakeHuman obtain information easily and more quickly, and hopefully prevent the team from spreading too thin, as well.

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FYI the . at the end of your link/sentence causes it to not work for me…


The new makehuman is great stuff. I mean it’s now completely standalone…
I wonder what’s left from Blender in here… can’t test, i’m on linux.

@ lucidMonkey,

Sorry :expressionless:


Thanks for correcting :slight_smile: The beta will have a linux version :slight_smile:

I still lol every time I see your avatar! :smiley:


New MH is great, but just why your team talks marketese? (“customers”,“product”, mentions of NDA, etc.) This scares me. Seriously.

Hi, Trident!

Well, no need to be afraid. Mostly, its just a thesaurus thing – to keep from saying software or end-user over and over.

But, some marketing and publicity must be done, even for a free program, to hopefully persuade at least some of the users to donate to the cause, either in time or money, so we may continue and improve our work, and at least make sure we can pay the light bill.

The “NDA” is policy; nothing in writing, a kind of handshake among friends and team members. As I said, this policy was instituted to help keep bad information from reaching end-users, which could only serve to confuse and anger them. For example, what if you saw on one site a posting from one of us that MH would have an exporter specifically designed for Blender, another posting by one of us on another site said it wouldn’t, and the home site said nothing at all?

This is what we are trying to avoid happening by borrowing from the “NDA” concept. Although not every posting on every site will speak to every issue, at the very least, we want you to be able to count on what you do read from us, no matter where it is posted.

Again, no worries, mate!


Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile: Good luck with the project!