all my faces are same texture

Hi all,

I have a cube, and on the inside I’m trying to place a few image textures. One for the walls, and another for the floors.

If I RMB on the faces in UV Face Select mode in the 3d view, the faces I select turn pink and the correct image texture shows up in the preview pane.

But when I render, only one texture image appears on the floor and walls and ceiling. I have three materials created called ‘walls’ and ‘floor’ and ‘ceiling’. In wall, I have one texture called brick, and in floor I have one texture called carpet, ceiling is just a color.

What am I doing wrong here? I feel that I’m not somehow assigning the face w/ the correct material. In my understanding, I should create a material, and then create a texture for the material. If that is correct, then how do I assign the material to a face. I know how to do UV unwrap and have this in my UV editor and when I select a face, the correct image shows up as the background behind the unwrapped face. I unwrapped the cube as top, bottom, and sides are all separate pieces.

Any help much appreciated.

You need to read the wiki on this, as it is too long to type here. :

Do you have the TexFace button on?