All My Private Messages are Gone

Even the one I sent earlier today is gone. Sent Box - empty, Inbox - empty.

Is this a server problem or have I been a very bad boy again? :slight_smile:

I just checked my PM’s… there all still there. I’m not sure though when you first posted this. Did you try and do any maintenance on them today?

I haven’t touched them in months.


Seriously, am I banned from PMs?

This seems very strange. And you’re unable to make new PMs?

I can write them and send them (although I can’t say for sure they actually arrive). When I went back the other day, a few hours after sending one, there was no sign of it in my Send box. Send messages, inbox, everything… All say ‘0’ messages.

It’s like being a newbie again. :slight_smile:

@Fweeb: I just sent a PM to you to see if you get it. After sending, there was no trace of it at my end.

PM received and responded to. Also, I had a look through your user settings (that’s the best I can do. There’s no easy way for me to check the status of any of your PMs). It seems you have “Save a copy of sent messages in my Sent Items folder by default” set to “No”. That might at least explain why your Sent folder is empty.

I just clicked on “General Settings” and was taken to (I think that was the name) and got a pop-up saying my browser is out of date and that a critical security update was about to be installed. Naturally, I just closed the window without clicking on any scary-looking buttons.

BUT… is it possible you guys have been invaded? That might explain my disappearing messages, too.

I suppose anything is possible, but I think we’d be seeing more issues that are similar to yours. At this point it may be more likely that your machine has been compromised.

That said, it doesn’t hurt to make sure, so I’ll run it by Wes and Jonathan to see if they’ve seen anything weird.