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(leon230) #1

Hi All,

I have a problem with forum threads being marked as read even though I have never looked at them.

I have remember me option turned on, so I am not logging in manually. When I stop reading the posts and let’s say switch do something else on the computer and come back to reading posts after 30 minutes I see all posts marked as read.

I tried to find it in options menu but I couldn’t find it.

I would appretiate any suggestions.

(Mike J. Gee) #2

mmhh… I faced this issue also many times… btw… I am using Chrome on Win7 64

(Jason van Gumster) #3

This happens frequently for me as well. I suspect that there’s some kind of timeout happening deep in vBulletin’s code. I’ve never been able to find any configuration settings for this in the admin panel.

Fortunately, we’ll be switching to Discourse soon, so hopefully this issue will resolve itself.

(Mike J. Gee) #4

:yes: Yeeh! Keep fingers crossed!

(leon230) #5

Ok, thank you for the information. It happens to me on Firefox btw.