All the object+edit mode shortcuts in one handy image!

Hey gang, I just spent far too much time making this blender key chart:

Someone’s probably made one already but whatever, I couldn’t find it. So anyway, it’s got all the shortcuts for object mode (in pink) and edit mode (in blue). Anything not written in pink or blue applies to both.

The background colour under the text tells you what modifiers you have to hold down. Ctrl is orange, shift is blue, alt is black.

So, “Triangles to Quads” is in blue on black on the J key, so you go into edit mode and press alt+J. Easy!

The keys are accurate for the current SVN trunk, which may or may not be the same as the official 2.48 release (it won’t be much different, if at all).

Anyway, enjoy! SVG and Inkscape files if you’re interested:

Edit: oops, meant to post this to news & discussion. Guess it kinda fits here though anyway. Maybe.

o.O that seems like it took forever.

Cool, nice work, useful!


Thinking in print and stick it to the keyboard :slight_smile:


vey nice display

but if you look into the folders of blender you’ll find one like that
it’s already been done

happy blendreing

So useful, thanks for all the hard work Frr, nice one.

Nice! Its a qwerty one… Just ctr +alt are windows keyboard types… :wink: But someone who has Gimp or Photoshop can easely change these positions.

In fact a brilliant idea… Now my problems with “z” suddenly got totally cleared!

All the links are dead. Can someone pleeeeeese rehost??

I don’t have the one in the original post but there is always the keyboard map that is on the blender site.

Yeah but this one was prettier. Here is the low-res google cache of it:,r:2,s:0&tx=151&ty=58

I get 404 errors for all of those links. Sorry.

By rehost, I mean someone who had the files before the site went down should upload them to another site. Or you could also contact me and I can host them on my website.