All tutorials hacked?

(M-M) #1

My tutorial ika’s hacked without autorisation, Some parts of Blender manuals hacked, May be also your site or tutorial???

Just take a look at this URL’s


(S68) #2


I can’t tell for the tutorials, but PDF containing scanned images of the Official guide are surely copyright infringment…


(sten) #3

don’t know what you mean…

how can we see that it is hacked ?

(Timothy) #4

The PDF files with the material from the NaN books in them were released by NaN as a promotion for their products, so they are probably ok to post.

The Ika tutorial however was translated without authorisation,… and that is not ok. Though I myself would not mind it if people would translate my tutorial in other languages.

I don’t think the files of the Blender 2.0 manual are supposed to be available on a website like that. But you would have to ask that to NaN.

(haunt_house) #5

it is violation of the copyright-law. Can get very expensive.


(Sebasthos) #6

Has anybody told this gentlemen what exactly he is doing there?

(DAK) #7

I think it is good that he is trying to teach people how to use blender. I don’t think he is trying to be bad. We need to lure more people to this community especialy now that NaN is dead. So let’s try and support his efforts please and not try to get rid of potential members :frowning:

(ZoltarX) #8

DAK’s right. Let’s not scare the guy off. We need lots of people like this.

I would be pleased if someone translated my tutorial (if I had one) but I would not be happy if they did so without acknowledgement. Insisting that he acknowledges you as the author is fair enough.


(acasto) #9

I think whenever someone make s tutorial, they should remember that there is probably people who would want to use, improve, or translate them, and be sure to include a small thing (other than just a copyright) on to what they can do with them and how to give credit where due. So that work can get done without fear of someone getting mad. Either that or a public tutorial, documentation drop box, where there is guidelines for modification, then whoever feels like translatig or whatelse, they can grab something from the box, and do it.

(malefico) #10

Sure it’s nice to be requested for authorization (I think this falls under the “netiquette” topic) but I personaly think that the minute you upload a tut to the web you cannot expect everybody to act as if it was a secret book or something.
Of course, the guy just ignored MY tuts. I hate him for that :wink:

The guy didn’t take credit for the tuts and always pointed out the source. I think that is more than what we can expect these days.

Well, probably we know him from the forums (he could be me!)