All yours

All yours
Bledner 2.74
cycles render 1296AA.(2048*1107)

Hope you like it.:eek:


Are they gays or twin brothers? Apart from that - nice render, good composition and shaders! Cool stuff!

Very cool characters and image !

I had the same doubt than mookie3d: my guess was that they were gays or friends (well, more gays than friends because the mood and lighting are quite romantics), but they both look very similar…

Beautiful image. Everything is great here. The subject, the characters and the render! The kind of images that are rare in the world of CG.

Yep, same feeling, looks a bit gay but whatever, that could be the theme and that´s nice.
composition and models mead to a very cool picture.
great job

Great render, awesome light setup and use of color, 5 stars from me :smiley:

lighting is absolutely stunning…

Twins? Looks like a charm. Anyway, nice atmo!

the hair is it particles or is it modelled ? :slight_smile: cheers and nice pic

Outstanding piece of art! I was wondering about the hair too. Would you mind sharing your workflow?

Thanks a lot guys.
If I show that they are friends, would you believe it?:smiley:

To rybergs : the hair is particles.

To Habauk: sure,It flowed very simple way.

but my English is very poor so I spoke Chinese,sorry…:o

Awesome! Can compliment on many levels - lighting, mood, composition, etc. - but I guess awesome sums it up. Well done. You are very talented MaxwellShiba and look forward to seeing more creations from you :smiley:

By any cance did you forget to give them eyelashes? Especially to the one with the drink.

very nice render, there is a tree on the left side of the viewport picture, but it does not seen in render, though it looks very nice tree model, what is the purpose of it?

I LOVE this. The scene is really well put together. I’m with @Bloyd, though… why take the time to make such a huge and elaborate tree if it isn’t visible to the camera?

Side note, I sort of hope they’re gay… It’s a very cute scene.