Allied Guest House Full CG

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some great renders:) how do you get there tho :smiley:

HI, amazing renders ! is great to see that you could create such detailed scene in Blender and Corona.
is everything a geometry or background is a photo/HDRI ?

this is so much photo realistic, it would be so cozy to live in such a house. Good Job!

Thnx, Well it’s just daily practice i guess!! and jealousy from other artist work!

Thnx! Yes every thing is geometry no BG-Images, background is a HDRI which is lighting the scene.

Very classy project.

Look at those details!!!

Looks amazing. So what is workflow with Corona? Is IPR implemented or you need to export entire scene every time?

THANX @djwaterman @MercifulGuard

@SreckoMicic - Simply use the B3d-Corona-Exporter.
What’s IPR?? do you mean PBR!!. There is no need to export(well it does export ) entire scene the exporter takes care of it.

I meant Interactive Preview Render, like you have with Cycles in viewport. Same as Corona for C4D and Max. Where you can move objects, tweak materials and lightning, while have progressive preview render in viewpot or Corona frame buffer.

I did some research and apparently it is not possible and there are not much plans about it.

No there is no IPR.
And yes you are right the Corona-standalone is no longer in dev, but it still renders like “magic” !

Great work!! Thanks for share it!!! Where did you get those trees and vegetation models?