Allosaurus foot - scale model 3d print

The classic Jurassic carnivorous dinosaur gets it’s claws

Accurate Allosaurus foot - 3d print available to buy HERE
Sculpted in Blender 2.79 with the aid of published scientific reference.
Available in the same scales as my Allosaurus skull - 1:8, 1:10, 1:12 and 1:16.


Cool! What was the “scientific reference” you used?

Thanks, mainly these papers which contain detailed scietific diagrams and illustrations:

Madsen, James H., Jr. (1993) [1976]. Allosaurus fragilis: A Revised Osteology. Utah Geological Survey Bulletin 109 (2nd ed.). Salt Lake City: Utah Geological Survey.

Gilmore, Charles W. (1920). “Osteology of the carnivorous dinosauria in the United States National Museum, with special reference to the genera Antrodemus (Allosaurus) and Ceratosaurus”. Bulletin of the United States National Museum. 110: 1–159.

  • a load of online photo reference.
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Beautiful! I’ve been looking for exactly this as a gift… Would it be possible to get a 1:4 scale print?

@kateschilke Thanks for your interest, I’ve added a 1:4 scale version to my Shapeways Shop. You will have to pick ‘Extra Large’ from the size menu to select the 1:4 version

Smaller scale versions are available at a lower cost
1:4 = Extra Large
1:6 = Large
1:8 = Medium
1:10 = Small
1:12 = Extra small

Click this link for my Shapeways shop

Here’s a photo of the 1:12 scale version that I painted to a bronze finish