Allright I like, but some concerns.

Hey guys got to say I love everything I have seen and read so far, the community looks nice and helpful.

So I figured with this question I have you guys could help.

Allright so I love the ease of use of this engine but I am concerned with the speed.

At times I have heard the abilities of this engine compared with torque and other times I have heard it compared to the Playstation 1.

Now the latest graphics are not important to me, I do not plan on making a commercial game. However I do hope to impress my friends somewhat, I was wondering just about where would you put the BGE limits at, I understand a lot depends on the user.


BGE is a great place to start…

give it a couple of months… you will learn lots…

if you are “Ultra-new” to game design I suggest volunteer your time to existing games, and make a couple of levels first.

unreal and unreal 2004 are a great place to learn about how games work…

I don’t know much about other game engines, I just know that the BGE is the best free one I’ve ever used. I personally think the speed is pretty good.

Of course, the speed issue is really very dependent on the user’s graphics card. Blender uses OpenGL, and while most graphics cards do well with it, some cards just do not have good OpenGL drivers. As long as your friends have relatively recent systems, you should be fine.

That said, a lot depends on how well you make your games, too. You need to learn how to use the engine right to get the best performance from it. I’ve been using the BGE for a year now, and I’m starting to get optimization down to an art. Don’t expect your first few games to run like greased lightning no matter what game engine you’re using. There are principles to learn and techniques to master. Here are my quick tips for making fast games:

Less is more. The less things that are happening at any given frame, the faster your game will run. Seems obvious, but it’s not.

Less is more. Fewer polygons = faster games.

Textures should be scaled to powers of 2 (64x64, 256x512, 1024x1024). Blender will scale them in memory if they aren’t the right size. Most game engines require this.

Be prepared to spend a lot of time learning.

BGE is quite good. You have no other easier software. It is quite fast. Only lags in older computer - in modern computers it can work fine
It is the best thing to start with -
why don’t you download the demo available in the Blender Site to see what it can do .