ally way

i did this scene a while ago just been working on other things but i want to know what you guys think of it


Looks creepy… :eek:

But I really like it! Now if only you could add a pair of red glowing eyes!!! :evilgrin:

Looks pretty cool, but I think it could use just a bit more light. I think you’ve rendered this as a camera would see it, but a human eye would adjust and those dark shadows would fill in a bit. Also, I think you may have the brick texture inverted. It looks like the mortar sticks out further than the bricks do.

Materials look pretty nice, and the windows at the end of the alley look nice with the light coming through.

ok thanks for the replys and the things that i can work on

The rain seems to me too opaque. See if you can’t make it more transparent, either by changing the material or making a different render-layer and having it somewhat transparent.

The reflections are fabulous but need to be more evenly spread across the floor because they appear to be avoiding the bin.
The bin looks too clean and bland to be a bin, make it grimy and chuck some sacks in there to get it overloaded to make the alleyway seem a bit more unhygenic (if that’s the sort of thing you’re looking for). You could also mabye put some litter on the floor to fill up the scene a bit.
The walls look a bit unfinished and bland aswell. Try and find an excuse to add more light to the scene, the walls would look better with some more interesting shadows and the scene looks very dark.
The rain looks too thick.

Sorry to sound like I hate it, I actually quite like it. There is just much more to improve :slight_smile:

The rectangular shadows cast by the rain look a bit off. I don’t think that they look like that in real life .

The rain looks good, but a little uniform. I also agree with the earlier critique that they are solid, but no need to reiterate that, other things that I would suggest is work the specularity of the brick faces, the seem a little flat (in the sense of reflectivity), getting some highlights and deadened areas to change it up. But again over all very good scene looks like that start of a horror film, just need a creepy dark shadow or a dim lit doorway with some sinister shadows on the walls