Alpha Beta Gamma ARG!

Hi guys

I’ve been trying to get two textures of one planet on one. I want the dark side of the planet to have a different texture then the lightside

Evene if you seperate those two earths with two textures in different layers, the conflict each other.

Now I’ve had an idea to try the button “Let alpha be detirmined by the degree of shadow” but nothing happens. Does anybody know how to help me?
you see the conflict?
I’m trying to get the texture of Earth at night on the darkside

any help is greatly apreciated

Ya, check out what I did at:
It might help ya.

To make the dark side different (lights of earths cities) I animated the ‘var’ key so that as the camera swung around the earth the lights would come on. This is good because really if you can see any sun light, then you shouldn’t any city light. Any light from the sun should be stronger than the light form cities. So the city lights only need to show in the complete darkness. Also, if you want to get rid fo the blue ring around the dark side, enable the SHADOWS button in the Render window, it should work.