alpha channel and color to alpha in GIMP

Ok, sorry that my question was confusing. this should help.;6170447;;/

how do i get those planes to always face the camera to give the illusion of depth?

  1. go to the store.
  2. buy a cheap version of photoshop.
    If you are willing to spend the money, i think it is worth it.

Use add face mode instead of alpha mode. A black color on the texture will be invisible. Change the face color in grayshades to adjust the opacity.

Magic Man-

is “face mode” GIMP setting, or blender setting, and where is it?

this is gonna sound dumb, but is the texture file in Gimp saved as a type that supports alpha?

yes, i ethier use png and tga

I recommend PNG in general, lower files size, basically the same quality.

Face mode in blender is what you will be looking for.

where is face mode located?

Two windows
If you are in object mode with your mouse over the window hit F
Then set the second window to uv image editor.
Select the face you want to apply the image to, then load it in the uv image editor.(image->open)
Finally, while you are still in face mode, click on the editing panel in your buttons window and you will notice the Texture face area in the bottom right. From there you can set the picture to alpha, and even make it two sided.

never mind, ill post a .blend

Could help

not quite what im looking for numaQ, ill post a .blend

somebody please!