Alpha channel and shadow rendering in YAFRAY

I have a problem with getting a shadow tracing the shape form the bitmap with aplha channel - it is not rendered properly in Yafray.
I have no problem with alpha in Blender Internal Renderer. Example:

But in Yafray I cannot get a traced shadow, but the whole plane. Example:

How to get a shadow tracing the shape from the map - in Yafray? Anybody knows?

Has anyone tried alpha traced shadows rendering in Yafray? Can anyone help, please?

To quote myself from a thread where you have asked the same question:

"You know, checking out is very well worth the time. No need to start topics all the time especially now that the yafray docs are EXTREMELY useful.…xture_maps_wit

Oh, another reason might be…ay_Lights_to_l

Hope this helps you to resolve the problem.