Alpha in GE Doesn't work!

The title says it all…
I’ve done this before, but then it worked. But not anymore. I want to have a fence in a game, except that the alpha doesn’t work. You just need a .TGA / .PNG image with an alpha channel right? And then select Alpha and copy drawmode in the UV-mapping settings? Well it doesn’t work for me, the image stays the same, I’ve tried it with many different images, both in .PNG and .TGA. A little help would be nice…
Thanks in advance!

Two possibilities - one is that you haven’t enabled alpha in the UV Calculation panel, and the other is that you haven’t set ‘use alpha’ in the texture image panel.

I got it to work after setting these two.

You also need an Active Face to Copy Draemode from.


Thanks Craig! I forgot the “use alpha”!