alpha map how to

With GIMP 2

1 - open a picture
2 - add a layer mask
3 - Paint the layer mask (black = transparent, white = opaque)
3 - save the picture in png (answer yes|ok to dialogs boxes)
4 - load the texture in blender UV editor
5 - Put the texture on a plane in face selected mode.
6 - press alpha
7 - You’ve got it :wink:

Reference for the “add layer mask”:

Who can do the same for photoshop ?

Cool, nobody work with photoshop ! GIMP is the king :smiley:

So maybe you could do the same short tut for PIXIA… or any another 2d software.

Well, for photoshop it’s just making a layer which you use as background and is transparant. Now make another layer, paint something, like a bunch of leaves or grass. Save as PNG, open in blender, add to some faces, hit alpha in editbuttons when in face selection mode where you added that textures, hit the Copy Drawmode, and it’s done :slight_smile:

To replace a color with alpha with GIMP:

layers->transparency->color to alpha

Thanks to TomK_999 :wink:

you’re welcome 8)

I also like using blender itself set to render as rgba and save as tga for alpha textures. Good idea to post this little tute by the way, its a very often asked question it seems.

Another easy way with Gimp is to delete the background, add a transparent layer and save the picture as .TGA :wink: