Alpha Mask Grass Plane

Hey dear Community,

I already searched for this topic but didnt found anything useful.
I have this image here

which is alpha masked, I want to use it on two crossed planes to make grass, like its made in games.
But I dont know how to use this alpha mask, it renders the grass and the other parts of the plane are black. I guess I have to stick the alpha part of the image into something, but I dont know where.


Use Import Images as planes addon and look for preferences on T-panel before click Import. Material will be created automagically.

Add the alpha texture to another texture slot for your material
Set the texture mapping to the same as the grass texture
Set it to influence Alpha
In the Material settings enable transparency and set alpha to zero

The addon function works well thx, didnt checked the other, the first sounds simpler :stuck_out_tongue: but ty to both of you ofc!