Alpha on a single large object may still fail to sort, even with Ztransp enabled

I just noticed that if you have a long winding track with an alpha texture, you’ll still get wonky sorting issues, like a far away part of the object overlays a closer one, and there’s no way to fix it by leaving it a single object.

Now do note developers, of all 3D game engines I’ve seen, the BGE is the only one that can’t seem to get alpha sorting right in all cases, if this is the case, then the BGE can’t even do a lot of cool alpha textures and effects without bugginess. And if this is true this should be near top priority.

A game engine that can’t even sort alpha on a single large object will virtually kill all use of it to try to make a great commercial quality game, and I hope Zaghaghi and Mal is reading this before there’s no users left using the BGE after the Blender-CS pipeline is complete.

This is a common bug with OpenGL in general.
If you are doing a huge alpha masked model, that goes beyond the bounds of the camera,you need to take a quick tour of “how to make Environments in open GL” (I am being sarcastic)

There is a chap named Snailrose that did a lot of the new material work for the BGE.
You might want to send him a message, and see if he can enlighten you on what might be happening.

In the past I have had some Zsorting issues too.

PS (the next person who says “Commercial quality” will be stripped, and fed to my fat wife!)

well , most of us encountered this problem , but when i ran one of the old files in zaghaghi’s build it worked .

in the old blender , they were missy and overlapping
it showed no problem in zaghaghi’s build , maybe they fixed it ? :eyebrowlift2:

that is a realtime shoot with more than 100 planes , none of them overlap :slight_smile:

edit :- even when the camera is near to them , or between them , there were no problem .


Funny, I haven’t run into this problem.

Don’t forget it sorts alphas by object centers. If one object has its center infront of another, when its actually behind it, it will sort wrong