Alpha Polaris - a commercial point & click adventure game

Hi everybody!

The biggest project of my life is now finished, as our game Alpha Polaris is released today! After almost three years of work our team of six people have finally finished the game.

We are a completely independent company, and didn’t receive almost any funding throughout the project. I think it says something about our game, that nobody left the team during the project despite we didn’t get paid. This game was a dream for all of us.

Our engine of choice is Wintermute, but every bit of 3D in the game is made with Blender. We have pre-rendered backgrounds and realtime 3D characters. There are also a little over 12 minutes of 3D cutscenes in the game. We also have hand drawn dialogue potraits.

You can watch the gameplay trailer in 720p from youtube.

For the story, more screenshots and a playable demo please check our website! You can also buy the game straight from us.

If you have anything to ask I’d be happy to answer your questions!

Looks really great - well done. Had it been a little cheaper, or I had a bit more time on my hands, I certainly would have bought it… and might yet! The visuals look amazing. Hopefully the game play matches.

On a side note though, your ‘extended warranty’ is just plain seedy. It makes your company look money grabbing and offers no real value (especially considering Steam et al offer this for free and your costs of storing a game, which you would anyway, don’t increase with each year or user). So that seemed off-putting.

Good job though!

hey, this looks very very good
you must make an iphone/ipad version

Looks good! Gonna try the demo first.

Thanks! BTW the extended warranty thingy is something the shop provider (Plimus) chooses to do, it has nothing to do with us.

edit: We actually could take it off, so we did. :slight_smile:

Really a great looking game, also the trailer was really intense and atmospheric :slight_smile:

Demo’s great! Bought and Downloading. I would have preferred this on Steam or Desura though (Just me being picky.) +1 Indy Developers

Argh! How do you track the bear? Got the Laptop and Triangulater hooked up and I punch in my heading, but nothing? Is there a guide being written for this? lol

I replied through a private message since it’s a spoiler. :slight_smile: I think nobody has made a walkthrough yet.

Wow, that is visually stunning! Lovely work there. I do think its a tad expensive though. Downloading the demo right now.

Just completed this game. Brilliant overall and I would recommend it. The price of it, well, maybe a little much, but thinking about it, its supporting a small Indie team so I’m well happy to do that. The attention to detail in the environments is truly fantastic, it really does show how a good artist can use Blender in a project. I think BN should have this on the frontpage now too :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats, the game looks really good! I’ll probably buy this once I get some extra money saved.

Great job!

well done. demo is great i bought it!!!

Woo! Adventure games rock and your trailer looks pretty awesome. I’ll definitely have to check out the demo later.