Alpha problem in 2.5

I’ve been following the camera mapping tutorial on and have run into some texturing problems. It seems that the transparency is not working. It just shows a jagged black line where it should be transparent

Attached is a screenshot of the render and material settings.



Try unchecking shadeless?

Everything goes black with shadeless off. There aren’t any lamps in the scene (I forgot to mention that part).

it is alpha 0. color (that sky) is color, not alpha. If you selected to show alpha as check in your render output, it would be replaced with checker. Refer to the alpha display options in the UV/Image editor header. Drag your cursor over the sky and you will see a color value with 0 alpha. Select either premul or key to make alpha 0 black.

The black part of the rock geometry should be transparent, showing the sky behind it.

Can you post the .png you are using & the .blend? At the moment it looks like it hasn’t been cutout properly.

rock.blend (83.1 KB)

These pics were actually png’s. The upload converted them to jpg’s. The black was transparent.

Remember when andrew used photoshop to use the clone tool to fill in the background behind the cutout? You forgot to fill the part you cut out of the background image. Thus when you move the camera, you’ll see the extra black behind the cutout. I hope thats the solution.