Alpha sort ?

what about alpha sort , in 2.5 would we dare to make a level with a field .

I thought all the alpha sort problems were fixed, I never have issues with it. Just make sure all the normals are correct and all the faces have the right mode etc, and it should be fine.

Do you mean that :

I had opened a smilar thread but still have the same issue.

Jessegp gave interesting tips, I just noticed about the answer now…

When it comes to large areas of faces using alpha, the ‘sort’ option fails to fix it completely. I think a better word for the current sorting for alpha blender faces would be ‘better’ sorting rather than ‘true’ sorting.

It may have been enough for Yo-Frankie! but it needs to work based on scenes with tons of alpha faces being used, being behind, and being in front of others, in some cases the 3D view alpha is better sorted than in-game.