Alpha Sorting HELP!!!

It’s the classic alpha sorting bug. I’m working on a very serious project and I need a quick solution fast. Nearly everything in the game is alpha mapped, so I REALLY need some help!

it’s not really a bug, but more of a… lack of feature. It’s just something that the developers haven’t added yet. There are certain ways to get around this ‘lack of feature’, but I need to see the specific applications of the alpha maps. (or examples of the most used alpha maps.)


I’ll post an example of the first page. Not all the textures are included here, just the hills and the house, but that’s enough for example I think.

There’s no materials…

I always forget to pack it… <-PACKED

BTW you can see see some of my concept work here.

join the objects together. it works in 2.46 rc1, don’t know about 2.45. Do this for all objects possible to at leas help a bit.

I can do that for most things, but nothing animated. But what the heck, I’ll give it a shot.

Maby the Info in this treat will help… It is orginal about Blender 2.25 but i think it would work in the new editions to…