Alpha textures...again

I’m using alot of alpha textures to make my background, and I was wondering if theres any way at all to sort it out…
I have a fence, grass, trees, mountains, more trees and a skybox. the skybox turns some of the alpha textures blue aswell as being in the wrong order, can I use one sided texturing to fix this or something?? I just can’t get it to work.

Thanks alot…

I bet your Alpha Textures appear in the wrong order, that has seemed to be a problem with the game engine. Your not the first to come across this problem. My advice is go to the elysium search, type in Alpha Texture, and find out what others have done to try to solve this problem. There is alot of info on this, I even remember someone may have written a Script to help solve this problem. Like I said Search Alpha Texture, and I believe you will find the answer, Hope you find what you need…

The NDN…

Thes problems are not just in blender I have seen this problem in many other games to :-? (I think its a problem that is dificult to fix) :wink:

Yeah…like ffx…alpha problem… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys,
I found z3r0 ds alpha sorting script and I’m gonna play around with that.

also try putting your objects on different layers

so: your sky on layer 1, your fences on layer 2, trees on layer 3 (assuming trunks are opaque), and grass on layer 4. Blender seems to render the layers in layer order, so it can be useful to sort things in advance.

err, or not. I guess it could also be the order the objects were created.

[my script isn’t very useful]

You can minimize it but there is no solution right now. It’s caused by about two lines of OpenGL missing :frowning:
Currently when it renders it doesn’t sort faces (which gives a slight speed increase) but it’s very easy to fix…once the engines back it should be fixed immediately.


And when you have the fog you can se the faces.

no, fog works just fine on alpha faces. On add faces it doesn’t work (they near white [get brighter with more fog] unless you have black fog)

what it should be doing instead of an average with the fog color is a multiply by the vog amount (therby darkening the color, lessening the effect of the add of that face)

can you show me an example of your problem?

Huh? What do you mean. This problem can not be solved (well, in an opengl 1.1 compatible way) in two lines. Zbuffering (as in also writing to the zbuffer) the faces will not work (it is done in the preview, you can see it wrong there).

Huh? What do you mean

Good question :-? :expressionless:

Not sure what I was thinking of there…need more sleep I think (sorry if that confused anybody :expressionless: ) Yeah, sorting faces is a pain…


It would be nice to have the option of using alpha masking instead of alpha sorting.

With alpha masking, you can only have fully transparent or fully opaque pixels, but it allows you to get proper sorting just by adding
(or something like that, I can’t remember the exact function name.)

That would be great for fences, plants, and stuff that don’t need semi-transparent pixels.