Alpha textures for the background of an animation

ok so i want to be able to make an animation and put it in the background of something real. i can use after effect to edit it in and all but i just need to know how to make the blender background transparent. can anyone tell me how?


Press F10 and in the far right panel click RGBA.

This only works for output formats that can do transparent backgrounds. PNG can do it. AVI cannot.

Hope this helps.

ok i did it and also looked at this tutorial. it is still showing a blue background. shouldnt it be checkered looking?

blue is the color. You can make the world setting to be a real image, a checkered background, or stick with the blue. It doesnt matter, the alpha value is 0.

Anything assigned to be a sky texture is always behind all objects, if you can’t see all the objects, then you need to increase the camera range.

thanks guys :slight_smile:

wait. im acually using this to overlay in something else. so if i use this it will overlay just fine?

The images produced by blender have the proper alpha channels, so you can stick whatever you like behind them just fine.

I’ve never used After Effects, so I don’t know how do anything with that program. You indicated that you knew…

Did I miss something?